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Class Descriptions

New Class! yoga4cancer (y4c)

This class is held weekly and is designed for cancer survivors/thrivers as well as caregivers.  No prior yoga experience is required.  Wherever you are on your treatment journey, you’re invited to attend.

Current scientific research reports that yoga may improve treatment outcomes for cancer patients.  Results from over 100 clinical trials, involving more than 10,000 cancer patients have reported that yoga improved the physical and psychological symptoms, quality of life, and markers of immunity of the patients.  Read more here.  Tari Prinster, a cancer survivor and master yoga teacher, developed the y4c methodology to help cancer patients of all ages lessen treatment side effects and enrich their lives.  This unique approach focuses on stimulating the immune system through movement, building strength, improving flexibility, reducing anxiety and boosting overall well-being.

Mounting evidence shows that this class may:

  • help maintain strong immune system
  • build muscle strength
  • improve your bone density
  • create self confidence
  • provide solutions for treatment side effects
  • reduce stress
  • improve your sleep
  • give you a sense of well-being
  • cultivate hope
  • provide a supportive community
  • create a path to a longer, happier healthier life


For the beginning student and those who want to dig deeper into proper yoga alignment and practice. Teachers provide detailed instruction and plenty of guidance, including modifications for injuries and varying degrees of physical ability. Classes focus on the fundamentals of a safe and enduring yoga practice.


A more athletic form of yoga, flow classes at HOME Yoga combine a variety of different aspects of today’s prevalent yoga traditions, including Iyengar, Ashtanga and PranaFlow. These classes offer students a challenging and energizing workout while also maintaining proper alignment to protect from injury. The combination of strengthening and balancing asanas will increase flexibility, improve circulation and encourage internal health, while moving with the breath helps to quiet the mind.


Classes are alignment-based yoga that synthesizes the styles of Iyengar yoga, classical hatha yoga and other influences. Students can expect far fewer sun salutations and vinyasas, if any, and rather absorb themselves in the precise alignment of each pose.


Iyengar is a style of yoga which emphasizes anatomical precision and alignment to promote both strength and flexibility. Its use of props (such as blocks and straps) helps to enable students to more readily experience the essence of poses (asanas).


This class is designed to help students relax and renew through a series of poses that elicit the relaxation response. Restorative classes initiate the “rest and digest” nervous system, which helps relieve a host of disorders and conditions, including stress, anxiety, insomnia, infertility and many more. All levels welcome.

Slow – Flow

This class is a slower-paced flow class that is designed to cultivate more mindfulness, which in turn calms the nervous system and opens the body. While this class is slower paced, it is sequenced around a peak pose and should not be considered restorative. Anyone from beginner to advanced can benefit from this class!


Yin is a slow-paced class that holds many different stretches with the hope of increasing one’s range of motion. Most of the poses are seated, supine or prone (on the belly or back). Yin strives to bring circulation to the joints and to open the energy channels of the body. More than that, because of the long holds, this class cultivates an inner awareness and mindfulness.

Find the right classes for you

I am a runner/former dancer/in good shape and am looking for classes that will either complement my existing workout or replace it.

Our flow classes are more athletic and rigorous and require much strength and endurance. Additionally, these classes offer plenty of opportunity to stretch and open the body to create more flexibility in the areas of the body that tend to get very tight as a result of intense physical workouts. There is less time devoted to philosophy and meditation in these classes because of the pace, yet because the movement is constantly linked to the breath participants still get the mental, meditative or subtle benefits of a yoga practice whether they realize it or not. Our flow classes are still alignment-based to make sure students are safe.

If you’re are looking exclusively to stretch, then yin yoga is your best bet. This class is designed to increase range of motion; however, it does require you to be still for long periods of time, which can be challenging.

I am a brand new beginner and I don’t exercise much or at all but would like to improve my overall health and wellness.
Our classes called Beginner are truly beginner classes that will lay the foundation for a strong and consistent yoga practice. These classes include only beginner poses and our teachers are skilled in guiding absolute beginners both physically and mentally into their bodies and the practice. This is a very welcoming class open to all beginner students.
I can’t move well but my doctor told me yoga would be good for me.
Our restorative classes are completely supported and supine, meaning you are laying down and comfortably supported. There are very few poses in this class and they are held for longer periods of times. Restorative classes help to move the spine in all different directions without the stress of having to stand or exert any effort at all. These classes also help to reset the nervous system.
I want as much instruction as I can get so I can make sure I’m doing the poses correctly.
Our hatha classes give individualized instruction to each participant. In these classes, the poses do not flow together but rather the teacher demonstrates a pose and then the participants do the pose. The teacher then looks around and instructs as necessary. There are often inversions included in hatha classes but all of our teachers are skilled to give alternative options for those who are either not ready or not interested in going upside down!
I want to enjoy the philosophical tenets and relaxation that yoga provides.
While every class on the schedule includes parts of yoga philosophy and periods of relaxation, those with the most relaxation and philosophy tend to be yin, restorative and slow flow. Simply because these classes move more slowly, there is time to impart philosophy and breath work.

Don’t see what you’re looking for?

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Level Descriptions

Level 1

Appropriate for new students who have little understanding of yoga or for students who would like a more gentle, slower-paced class. Even those with athletic backgrounds and body awareness can benefit from a level 1 class, as it serves as an educational background to the physical practice.

Level 1/2

Appropriate for students who have a basic understanding of yoga, and its physical demands, and who would like to be introduced to more challenging poses such as backbends, inversions and arm balances.

Level 2

A more rigorous class with many vinyasas, (push-ups and backbends). These classes assume a basic knowledge of backbends, inversions and arm balances so that students may modify up or down appropriately. Some yoga experience is recommended.

Level 2/3

A challenging class with many vinyasas. These classes assume a working knowledge of backbends, inversions, and arm balances. Classes will often include several of each. Yoga experience is recommended.

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