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Thai Yoga Bodywork

HOME Yoga has two highly-qualified and experienced Thai Yoga Bodywork practitioners: ​Yoshiko Gray and Amy Rollfs, who specialize in Thai Yoga Bodywork.

60-minute massage for $100

​90-minute massage for $145

Purchase online via button below and email [email protected] to schedule your appointment.

What can I expect?

A treatment is given on a futon mat, on the floor, while the receiver remains fully clothed.

No oils are used.

Techniques include gentle moving or rocking the body while utilizing thumbs, palms, forearms, elbows, feet, or full body weight to apply pressure.

Movement is synchronized with the breath of the practitioner and receiver. Thai Yoga Massage can increase your range of motion, improve over-all circulation, and supports over-all health and wellbeing by calming the nervous system in order to promote healing.

Loose comfortable clothing is recommended, an empty bladder, and at the most a light meal/snack before practice.

What is Thai Yoga Bodywork?

Thai Yoga bodywork is a healing art based on Ayurvedic medicine and yoga. This dynamic bodywork focuses on balancing the physical and energetic bodies of the receiver. A treatment works the entire body focusing on the ‘sen’ lines, activation of acupressure points, and simple yoga stretches. One may consider this style of massage/yoga as Lazy Man’s Yoga, in which the receiver remains entirely passive at all times, unless gentle instruction is given.

The receiver is invited to take slow deep breaths to allow for a meditative experience. Some areas of the body are more sensitive than others and this is normal. Please inform your practitioner if at any point the pressure is too light or too firm. Although the practice is intimate, it is non-sensual. Sometimes emotions may surface, and this, too, is normal, please let your practitioner know if you feel uncomfortable at any time and you can stop or pause the session as you would like.

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My experience with HOME Yoga has been really great. The studio itself is beautiful and welcoming and the instructors are knowledgeable and friendly. I would certainly recommend that anyone take a class here at any level.

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